Perfect Flash™ Sequential Turn Signals

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F05-1 Plug and Play Kit for all 2005-2009 Mustangs, $169.95

F05-1 Kit Picture

F05-1 Sequential Turn Signal kit

  • Improves turn signaling recognition and looks like the 2010 Mustang system.
  • Plug and play prewired harness - Ford factory harness with PERFECT FLASH™ modules.
  • Improves stop light visibility by turning on all six lamps for brakes.
  • Does not illegally sequence Brake and Emergency lights in violation of Title 49 CFR Ch.V Part 571.108.
  • Optimized to match the 2005 - 2009 computer flash rate.
  • Easy installation anyone can do it.
  • Fully protected for the automotive environment
  • Will not burn out like Dynamite Sticks or other inferior designs
  • Positive polarity 100 volt protection from alternator "amp dump"
  • Positive polarity 24 volt protection from tow truck "hot-shot" jump starting
  • Negative polarity 24 volt protection from reverse jump or reverse battery installation
  • Output and shorted bulb protection
  • Fail Safe, reverts to non-sequential operation if the communication cable is damaged or disconnected or if the computer should fail.
  • Technology protected by US Patent No. 8,310,357
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